5 Best Bandung Tourist Attractions to Visit in Holiday

What are the best Bandung tourist attractions? Although not as popular as Bali or Raja Ampat, bandung tour is a city in Indonesia that offers many great tourist destinations. Moreover, it is located not too far from Jakarta, making Bandung more accessible. There are actually more than 50 spots in the city which are great to spend your holiday. But here, you can learn about the 5 of them that have been really popular. Check them out.

Farmhouse Lembang – Bandung tourist attractions

Have you ever thought about how the mix of Sunda and European cultures looks like? Well, if it makes you curious enough, it is definitely the farmhouse in Lembang to be the right answer. there are houses built there surrounded by farming areas. The place is arranged as good as possible so that the captures are great to be uploaded to your Instagram account.

Sukawana Tea Garden

After the hectic schedule during the weekdays, it feels right to spend your weekend in an open-air object. Well, the tea garden is a great choice mainly if you are in Bandung. In this area, you can see the stunning layout of green tea plantation. The air is also really cool and refreshing. Don’t forget to bring your jacket and gloves to enjoy the atmosphere more.

Glamping Lakeside Ciwidey

The next destination of Bandung tourist attractions is Glamping Lakeside Ciwidey. Currently, this place is known as the tourist icon in the southern area of Bandung. There is a unique restaurant in the form of a big ship on the lakeside. Meanwhile, the scenery around is really magnificent. You can enjoy this place together with family and friends. Moreover, the playground is available also.

Kawah Putih Ciwidey

Literally, Kawah Putih Ciwidey means the white crater of Ciwidey. This area is still located in Ciwidey, not far from the lakeside in the previous point. Different from other craters that may look “creepy”, this one looks like a lake surrounded by the white sand. Sometimes, the water’s color is turned, making the place more worthy to visit.

Mount Tangkuban Perahu

This is probably one of the oldest tourist attractions in Bandung yet still popular until today. The location is Lembang, around 20 km from the city center. What makes the mount popular is the shape that looks like a giant upside-down boat. There are 2 popular craters there: Ratu and Domas craters. Sure, since the mount is still active, sometimes, this one of Bandung tourist attractions is closed.

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