How To Draw Simple Butterfly Step By Step

Draw a longer oval below; Draw eyes, a curvy mouth, and an antenna.

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Start by drawing a circle for the head.

How to draw simple butterfly step by step. So draw a circle for the head, an oval for the chest and long belly. Using the instructions from the previous step, carefully draw our butterfly’s wings. Draw the body of your butterfly.

Draw two curved lines starting just under the head and going to the upper left and right corners. The easiest way to draw butterfly wings is to start by drawing a circle to create the head, and 2 overlapping circles over the head to add eyes. To draw wings, outline three instructions on each side.

Draw three circles on each top wing. With a little practice, you’ll be able to draw a butterfly easy without the need for the practice sheets. Draw your butterfly’s bottom wings.

By following some easy steps, anyone can learn how to draw a beautiful butterfly. How do you draw a butterfly step by step. In the third step draw lower wings of butterfly.

Following the outline draw 2 arcs on both sides of the head. You’ll want to make sure it’s much wider and away from the body. By the way, don’t forget that the outline of the.

Try your best to make your lines as symmetrical as possible on both sides of the middle line. Below it draw 2 angular ovals of different sizes. To draw any drawing always remember, sketch with light hands, or don’t push too much on paper while drawing.

This will be the body of your butterfly. At first let’s draw a circle. If you draw an oval that looks similar to a circle, you will end up with a very chubby butterfly.

Draw a small circle, and 2 diagonal parallel lines, one going from the circle. Print our draw a butterfly template with all the steps and room for your drawing. At first, use long and curved lines to draw the upper edges of the wings.

The more circles you draw the better they will look. 2.erase overlapping lines from the head and thorax. Draw your butterfly’s top wings.

Draw an interesting line in between these 2 lines. Then, draw a u shape to form the body of your butterfly. View by slideshow save tutorial in one image download printable pdf guide view by scrolling the complete drawing tutorial in one …

How to draw the body of a butterfly step 1. From the bottom of the circle create a shape resembling a match stick. Draw a small round for the head.

Today we are going to draw a easy butterfly drawing as shown in above figure. This is going to be the body of the butterfly, but make sure to end it in a rounded point, not a square one! Then below the oval draw another oval, slightly longer than the first one.

This will be the abdomen. Each of the shapes should overlap the ones beside it. It’s very much easy for a beginning also.

Cross the torso in half with a vertical line. First step is very easy as you just only need to draw an oval. Note that forewings and hindwings are attached to the thorax, so draw the thorax right in the middle where all wings come together.

Now it’s time to draw a butterfly’s body. Draw the body details of your butterfly. Draw a slightly curved line from half way down the body in the shape shown above.

How to draw a butterfly easy step by step. Then draw an inverted curved line that starts at the bottom of the body. Try to draw proper shape of wings as it is not difficult and you can draw this very easily.

Simply use the included practice sheets below and copy the butterfly from the grid guide onto the practice sheet. Follow these step by step drawing instructions. Don’t forget that the lines in this step should be very light.

Draw the body and head of the butterfly in the center of the vertical line. This will be the length of the body. Draw a circle for the head, an oval for the thorax or midsection, and a long narrow oval for the abdomen.

On each side of the body, draw a capital letter b. on the left side, make the letter a reverse image. How to draw a cartoon butterfly for kids: Then draw an oval below the circle.

Now it’s time to draw the shape of the wings. In this step, draw three lines to guide the wings. Now, draw upper wings of butterfly.

Start with a small circle as the head. Then, extend two long curved lines from the head to form the antennae. In this drawing lesson, we’ll show how to draw a butterfly step by step total 11 phase here we create a butterfly it will be easy tutorial.

Repeat step 3 on the other side too. The circle doesn’t have to be perfect. You want to aim for an oval that is pretty stretched out.

Below the head draw an angular oval for the thorax. Connect the abdomen to the torso with a slim waist. Start off by drawing a long oval shape.

Draw the details of your butterfly wings. Sketch a vertical oval for the torso.

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