Upside Down Drawing Exercise

Keep the drawing upside down until you are finished! No, it is valuable drawing experience.

Upside down drawing exercise for beginners to feel the

It is a way to ‘see’ more clearly because it banishes preconceived ideas about an object.

Upside down drawing exercise. Drawing upside down is an exercise that activates the brain’s right side and enhances how you recognize shapes and lines in a picture. (for example, the simple lion laying down) figure 5: This exercise consists of turning a drawing upside down and draw it.

This is one exercise i have been through several times in my formal education. This was a lot more exacting, much more of an exercise in patience. Look at an object and try to draw it without looking down at your drawing.

First, pick a photograph of an object or person. The following exercise is taken from the book drawing on the right side of the brain by betty edwards. The best way to do this is to pick a subject that you’re familiar.

I like to ask my learners to draw an object the ‘right way up’ and then upside down and compare the two studies. We can trace, use a grid or we can copy images from art books, to name just a few. Please draw picasso’s portrait of igor stravinsky upside down.

It is a lot harder than it sounds, so make sure you start with simple objects and only focus on the contour rather than tone. Unless you can get a model to stand on her head for a couple hours 🙂 you simply turn the reference image upside down and start drawing what you see. People tend to draw what they know, so artists draw upside down to focus only on what they see.

This exercise only works when drawing from photographs. You could just leave the drawing up on your computer monitor or print it out. See more ideas about drawings, drawing lessons, drawing exercises.

There are many ways to master the art of drawing. It may feel a little bit silly, but drawing upside down is another way to shut down the part of your brain that has expectations about what your subject should look like and fire up the part that observes what is there. We often miss the actual size or shape of a line or area because we get stuck or intimidated about what we think it should look like.

The following exercise is designed to help you more closely observe what you see by removing the preconcieved knowledge of the figures or objects that you see. It works best with more complicated items, i like to use chairs and stalls for this activity. You can either draw the whole drawing upside down from start to finish, or do what i do, and draw the initial sketch upside down, before re.

What you’re going to do now is to try to draw something upside down. Betty edwards, the new drawing on the right side of the brain, putnam publishing group; How about trying a drawing exercise that you’ve probably never attempted before.

This is also how you would use an envelope in conjunction with a horizontal image. But i would recommend just using the one on your monitor, because if you print it out you're more likely to turn it right side up and ruin the good, artistic, perception you're getting of it when it's upside down. Are you ready to start putting some of this newfound knowledge that you’re getting to use?

The biggest impediment to drawing is our assumptions.

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