How To Draw A Stegosaurus Head

Do the same on the neck, but stop when you make it to the leg. Cut a paper plate in half.

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Draw a circle as shown.

How to draw a stegosaurus head. 3.draw its body outline and tail, leaving two gaps at the bottom of the body. Glue everything together to make one piece. Draw six lines for the center of the plates.

Draw the curvy tail on the left. Draw your stegosaurus head, tail and back plates on your sheet of green construction paper and cut out the shapes. Draw lightly at first so that you can erase easily if you want to change anything.

Click here for step 4. How to draw a stegosaurus. Draw a series of plates along the stegosaurus’ spine.

Connect the head and body with two curved lined to make the neck shapes. Start by drawing the eye and head of your stegosaurus. How to draw tomato head fortnite skin (cartoon) 2,949 views.

Learn how to draw a stegosaurus. Trace the first leg, and then make a similar line to the left of it for the other leg behind it. A new animal drawing tutorial is uploaded every tuesday, so bookmark this page.

Once the paper plate is dry, fold it in half and glue down the tail, neck and back plates so they stick out. Finish connecting the head to the body. Then, connect 2 long, skinny triangles to the left side of the head.

5.draw four legs, very thick. Cut out all the pieces. 15:04 youtube play button cupcakes ft markiplier!

Create a base to easily establish the mass and proportions of the subject. 2.draw a big round eye, then a nose and a big mouth. Then add some bone plates.

Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this stegosaurus, very simple. It looks like a backwards letter draw a big hump for the back and extend into the tail. Keep in mind the body will be much larger.

Draw the other forelimb and the other hindlimb. Draw four lines under the stegosaurus' body (two below each circle) as guides for the legs. Below the head (leave space for the neck), draw an oval for the body and a smaller oval inside for the belly.

If you like it, pick up the pen and follow the steps below to try it! Stegosaurus had a long, small, flat head, almost like a turtle’s. So, we decided to make this how to draw a stegosaurus for the slightly younger artists!

Draw a forelimb and a hindlimb. Finish the plates and add the back legs. Erase belly line where it covers the legs.

Draw a straight line towards the head for the belly. Add plate shapes around the lines. Draw an arc on the left side of the stegosaurus' head as a guide for the muzzle.

Draw the curves of the back and the tail. Now we can add the hind leg. Start the spikes with radial lines.

Draw the top edge of the neck. Paint the half paper plate and head, tail, and feet one color (blue or green). Bend the lines forward at the ends as guides for the stegosaurus' feet and give the lines in the back an extra bend near the middle.

How draw a stegosaurus dinosaur. I added a little bump at the head too. Draw the bony plates on the back.

First, draw the head and face. Keep in the mind the body will be much larger. How to draw a stegosaurus.

How to draw a stegosaurus. Now trace along the edge of the top pencil lines, you don't have to be perfect! Draw the bottom of the head.

On one half draw a cute little head, tail, and feet. Draw the top of the head on the right. The stegosaurus has a long, small, flat head, almost like a turtle.

Their head shapes are usually oval with slender snouts and are small, almost seemingly disproportionate to their large bodies. First draw the head of this stegosaurus, as shown above. 4.draw some bone plates on your back, and sharp spikes on your tail.

The neck will widen out from the back of the small head and rise in a large bump. And paint the triangles a different color (yellow). Use small circles and triangles to sketch in the head and beak.

Draw 2 rectangles for the legs. Add the pointy spikes to the end of the tail. For the finishing details, add spikes, plates and toe.

Draw the top of the neck and head. Draw back plates, spikes and background. Draw the body and bony plates.

How to draw a stegosaurus draw the head near the bottom corner of the paper. Dab your cotton ball and cotton swab in some paint. 1.draw the outline of the head first.

Next add the outline of the body. Draw a small circle at the top of the spine for the head. It's not hard to do and it doesn't need precision.

Draw two legs as shown, and add an eye. Add some details to the body.

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