How To Draw A Hippo Step By Step

Now draw a curved line in the top and bottom oval. Draw the ear and the top of the body.

How to Draw a Cute Cartoon Baby Hippo and Butterfly Easy

First start by drawing a lima bean or a kidney bean shape for the hippo’s body.

How to draw a hippo step by step. Draw a line in each ear. 2.draw two small ears on the top of your head, and a short line in each ear. This will be the hippo’s face.

Complete the muzzle, lower jaw and the forehead of the creature as shown in pictures 3 and 4. Draw a loose and rounded “m” shaped line across the front of each foot, indicating the toes. Draw lightly at first so that you can erase easily if you want to change anything.

4.draw the outline of your body, then draw a. By starting this cute hippo drawing, draw an oval shape for the hippo face. Notice how the lines diverge slightly to outline the foot.

In this step draw a round circle with the help of some compass that intersects the oval shape. Use a curved line to connect the upper snout to the interior of the head. Connect the lines at the bottom using a curved line.

How to draw a hippo step 2. You just need a pen and a paper to start drawing a hippo in the next 2 minutes! Next, draw overlapping ovals to form the hippo’s body.

Draw three circles along a curved line. In this drawing lesson, we’ll show how to draw a hippo step by step total 15 phase here we create a hippo it will be easy tutorial. Notice the bulge of dumbo’s cheeks.

Draw a curved line in each nostril. Draw in the final details to finish the hippopotamus in 8 steps. Enclose the top of the nose using a rounded “m” shaped line.

Draw dumbo’s trunk, erasing as necessary. Drawing a hippo face is really as simple as abc. Learning to draw such a cute hippo is a very fun thing, suitable for elementary school students.

Draw the base of the snout using a long curved line, bent as it crosses the head. 1.draw an arc, and then draw a curve under it, to get the outline of the head. (step 8) draw a curved line on each arm.

Next we will draw four small circles for the legs and one circle for the hippos head. Hippos are the second largest mammals on land after elephants, and live in africa. In this simple step by step guide learn how to draw a hippo in a fun and interactive way.

For each leg, extend two parallel curves down from the body. Draw the top of where the eye will be. Begin by sketching dumbo’s face.

Let's start by drawing its forehead, sloping down and to the left. Step by step tutorial, teach y Draw hippo legs, erasing guide lines if necessary.

How to draw a cartoon hippo. This is a hippo in the water. Then draw the eyebrows, eyes and eyelashes.

How to draw a hippo step by step tutorial! Learn how to draw this cute cartoon hippo shapes easy step by step. Curve the line towards teh back again to draw its nose and its cheek, ending with the line for its cheek coming close to.

Sketch in the hippo’s lower jaw. Divide the medium circle diagonally and draw four curved lines below the circles to serve as the starting point of the legs. After that you'll draw in the eye with an arch for the upper eyelid above and to the left of the mouth.

Now draw a circle for the head…with a circle for each eye at the top of the head. Here’s a 1:30 video showing you how to draw a hippopotamus using paper and a pencil. Use two curved lines, and allow them to overlap slightly.

Draw two small ovals and shade them. How to draw a hippopotamus step 1. Add a bump for its eyebrow before curving back, then forward again to draw its snout.

These are the hippo’s nostrils. Draw a dot for each eye, leaving a tiny speck uncolored to indicate the shine of the eyes. Add the second set of legs.

Sketch in the hippos lower jaw. Then draw 2 ovals …one larger above the head, and one smaller, below the head. Draw a curved line between the legs.

Don’t worry you are drawing a hippo very first time so don’t find your real work as a whole. The hippopotamus, or hippo for short, is a big, curvy animal. On left side of the body draw a small rounded rectangle over the first one.

3 steps to draw a hippo. Draw 2 lines for each arm. Draw ovals in the feet.

Complete the legs and feet. 3.draw a small nose, a big mouth, and then draw two teeth on the mouth. Begin by drawing the large head and neck, making them rounded and adding in a large mouth with two square teeth on each side on the top.

This is a super easy follow along drawing lesson tutorial. Rub out the overlapping lines. (step 9) here is what the hippo should look like when done.

Now we can add the lower jaw, neck and belly. (step 6) draw a line on both sides of the body. Add more to the back and the beginning of the front legs.

Next add the outline of the hippo and its tail and upper jaw. (step 7) draw more ovals on the feet. Start by drawing the eye, ear and nostril of your hippo in pencil.

Extend two long curved lines from the bottom of the face. Drawing a cute hippo shapes for children For each nostril, you can draw a short arc above it.

The smallest circle is not a complete one.

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